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GRC "Dielectric Phenomena" 1994

31 Jul 1994 to 5 Aug 1994
Holderness School Plymouth, New Hampshire
R. H. Boyd, University of Utah
W. J. Sarjeant, SUNY at Buffalo

Monday, July 31

AM Session Chairperson: S. Matsuoka, AT&T Bell Laboratories

“Hierarchies and Power Laws in Relaxation Processes”,

G. Zumofen, ETH, Zurich

“Non-Debye Primary Response of Liquids, Glasses, Polymers and Crystals”,

R. V. Chamberlin, Arizona State University

“The Unsolved Problem of Physical Aging”,

N. G. McCrum, Oxford University

PM Poster Session Chairperson: W. J. Sarjeant, SUNY at Buffalo

Tuesday, August 1

AM Session Chairperson: B. E. Read, National Physical Laboratory, Tedingtom

“First Principles Atomistic Simulations of Polymers”,

W. A. Goddard III, California Institute of Technology

“Dielectric and Related Dynamic and Equilibrium Properties of Poly(Ethylene Oxide) from Molecular Dynamics Simulations”,

G. D. Smith, Eloret Institute

“Dipole Moments in Glassy Polyetherimides”,

J. Bendler, General Electric Research Laboratories

PM Session Chairperson: R. E. Wetton, Rheometrics Inc.

“Dielectric Relaxation in Systems With Confined Geometries”,

F. Kremer, Universitaet Leipzig

“Dielectric Relaxation and Depolarization Current Studies of Polymers and Blends”,

P. Cabe, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Wednesday, August 2

AM Session Chairperson: L. Dissado, King’s College, London

“Scaling Effects in Ferroelectric Ceramics”,

R. E. Newnham, Pennsylvania State University

“Fluorinated Polyimides for Interlayer Dielectrics in Electronics Applications”,

B. Auman, E. I. DuPont de Nemours Company

“Dynamic and Structural Behavior of Dislocation Domains in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal”,

W. Haase, Technical University Darmstadt

PM Session Chairperson: M. Buttram, Sandia National Laboratory

“Energy Storage in Practical Dielectric Issues Versus Reality”,

W. J. Sargeant, SUNY at Buffalo

“Development of High Energy Density Dielectrics”,

R. Jow, Army Research Laboratory, Ft. Monmouth

Thursday, August 3

AM Session Chairperson: J. E. Anderson, Ford Motor Company

“Microwave Processing Application in the Semiconductor Industry”,

J. Shaw, IBM Watson Research Center

“Orientational Relaxation Phenomena in Electrooptic Polymers”,

K. D. Singer, Case Western University

“Fundamental Aspects of Supercapacitor Behavior and the Origins of Double-Layer and Pseudocapacitance”,

B. E. Conway, University of Ottawa

PM Session Chairperson: N. G. McCrumb, Oxford University

“Anelastic and Dielectric Effects in Polymer Solids, Then and Now”,

G. Williams, University College of Swansea; B. Read, National Physical Laboratory, Tedington

Friday, August 4

AM Session Chairperson: J. J. Fitzgerald, Eastman Kodak

“Applications of Thermally Stimulated Currents, Including to Amorphous and Semicrystalline Polymers and Blends”,

B. Sauer, E. I. DuPont de Nemours Company

“Dielectric Relaxation Behavior of Thermosetting and Photosetting Polymer Systems”,

G. Williams, University College of Swansea

“Dielectric Relaxation and Libration Spectroscopy of Dipolar Liquids”,

J. K. Vij, Trinity College Dublin

Row 1: R. Chamberlin, N. Schlotter, K. Singer, G. Smith, P. Cebe, W. Goddard, N. Mccrum, B. Read, R. Boyd, W. Sarjeant, G. Williams, F. Kremer, F. Mopstick, J. Berberian, M. Baron

Row 2: M. Ishida, Z. Zhong, T. Jow, V. Halpern, C. Angell, J. Bendler, J. Anderson, G. Zumofen, A. St. Clair, J. Simpson, W. Haase

Row 3: T. Ezquerra, J. Vij, L. Dissado, M. Wintersgill, Y. Tajitsu, R. Bruce, N. Hager, W. MacKnight, R. Wetton, H. Marand, P. Winsor, R. Diaz, D. Sidebottom, F. Liu, D. McCall

Row 4: M. Jones, P. Avakian, K. Liedermann, R. Richert

Row 5: R. Newnham, B. Sauer, J. Fitzgerald, G. Berkovic, A. Schoenhals, K. Ware, J. Fontanella, M. Buttram, S. Havriliak, D. Damon, L. Walpita, J. Mason, M. Parthun, D. Wasylyshyn, Y. Feldman