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The Peter Debye Prize for Young Investigators for Excellence in Dielectric Research

The 'Peter Debye Prize for Young Investigators for Excellence in Dielectric Research' is established to encourage and support young scientists to continue research in the field of Dielectric Spectroscopy and its applications. The award is financed by IDS funds and/or other available sources. If the resources are considered insufficient, the prize will not be awarded for the period of time in question.

The Award

The award is a certificate of achievement accompanied by a prize of 1000 Euro. The prize is given only for scientific work which is published or in press (as proven by a letter of acceptance).


To be eligible for this prize, the nominee should be under the age of 36 years at the time of the award presentation and be committed to attend the conference at which the prize is awarded (in coordination with the board, exceptions from these eligibility rules may be allowed).


Candidates can be nominated by any IDS member or be self-nominated. The nomination letter, the candidate’s Curriculum Vitae with date of birth and publication list, and one copy of each of the papers under consideration for the Debye Prize should be sent by email to the Award Committee chairperson. In the case of publications under joint authorship, the candidate should include a brief statement of the candidate's contribution to each of those publications. See the conference or IDS websites for contact information and deadlines. The nomination documents should be submitted in electronic format as PDF(s). The deadline shall be approximately 3 month before the conference at which the prize is awarded.

Award Committee

The Award Committee consists of 3 committee members: a chairperson and two members. The Award Committee chairperson shall be a Board Member and is appointed by the President, the two Award Committee members shall be Society Members and are appointed by the Award Committee chairperson. The Award Committee chairperson is responsible for notifying the IDS board of the winner of the prize in advance of notifying the successful candidate. Members of the Award Committee must be free of any direct relationship (personal, member of the same research team, etc.) to any of the nominees. The President of the IDS has the duty to make sure that this rule is strictly fulfilled, if necessary by re-appointing the award committee.


The Award Committee is responsible for the process for evaluation of the nominated scientific work and to verify the eligibility of the candidates. As part of the evaluation process, the Award Committee is encouraged to involve scientists from outside the society in judging the quality of the nominated research. The final decision will be made by the Award Committee.

Award announcement

The Award Committee is responsible for formulating a presentation statement about the scientific work and the scientist chosen as the winner of the Debye Prize. The Debye Prize is awarded to the prize-winner at the occasion of the conference of the IDS.