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GRC "Dielectric Phenomena" 1968

10 Jun 1968 to 14 Jun 1968
Proctor Academy, Andover, New Hampshire
Arthur A. Maryott, National Bureau of Standards
Graham Williams, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth

Monday, June 10

Discussion Leaders: E. O. Forster, Esso Research & Engineering Company; J. H. Hoffman, National Bureau of Standards

“Relaxation of Butylpolyisocyanate in Dilute Solution”,

A. J. Bur, National Bureau of Standards

“Relaxation in Paraffin-like Solids”,

M. G. Broadhurst, National Bureau of Standards

“Theory of α- and β- Relaxations”,

W. H. Leidecker, Jr., Catholic University

Tuesday, June 11

Discussion Leader: R. M. Fuoss, Yale University

“Non-linear Dielectric Phenomena”,

A. Piekara, Polska Akademia Nauk, Warsaw, Poland

“Dielectric Relaxation Caused by Chemical Rate Processes”,

G. Schwarz, (Max-Planck Institute for Physical Chemistry, Gȍttingen, Germany

“Dielectric Studies as a Method of Determining Molecular Electric Multipoles”,

S. Kielich, Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza, Poznan, Poland

Correlation Functions
Discussion Leader: R. H. Cole, Brown University

“Time-Correlation Functions in Dielectric and Related Phenomena”,

R. G. Gordon, Harvard University

Wednesday, June 12

Molecular Relaxation. Discussion Leaders: C. P. Smyth, Princeton University, Graham Williams, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth

“Dielectric and NMR Relaxation in Rigid Molecules”,

C. Brot, Laboratory de Physico-chemie des Rayonnements, Faculté des Sciences, Orsay, France

“Relaxation in Non-rigid Molecules”,

W. E. Vaughan, University of Wisconsin

“NMR Relaxation in Liquids and Gases”,

M. Bloom, University of British Columbia

“Laser Scattering and Orientational Relaxation”,

T.A. Litovitz, Catholic University

Thursday, June 13

Far Infrared
Discussion Leader: A. D. Buckingham, University of Bristol, Bristol, England

“General Survey”,

H. A. Gebbie, National Physical Laboratory, England

“Millimeter and Submillimeter Measurements of the Dielectric Properties of Liquids”,

J. Chamberlain, National Physical Laboratory, England

“Submillimeter Studies of Solids”,

G. W. Chantry, National Physical Laboratory, England

“Collision-induced Effects in Gases”,

G. Birnbaum, North American Aviation Science Center

Friday, June 14

Static Behavior

“Second Dielectric Virial Coefficient of Dipolar Gases”,

H. G. Sutter, Brown University

“Dielectric Constants of Liquids as a Function of Pressure and Volume”,

F. I. Mopsik, National Bureau of Standards

1. John Hoffman
2. Martin Broadhurst
5. Ralph Nelson?
10. William Harris?
14. Gyan Johari
15. Robert Cole
16. Eric Foster
17. Fred Mopsik
18. Jim Anderson?
20. Stanley Cichanowski
21. Don Denney?
22. Herb Sutter
26. John Berberian
27. C. G. Malmberg
30. C. Brot
34. H.B. Lavine
35. George Birnbaum
39. Walt Dannhauser
44. Ted Litovitz
45. Ernest DiCarlo
47. David McCall
48. Roy Gordon?
50. Marjorie Malmberg
52. Graham Williams
53. Arthur Maryott
54. Raymond Fuoss
58. Edward Grant
60. C. P. Smyth
61. S.K. Garg