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Marian Paluch

Institute of Physics University of Silesia
Prof Dr
Contact details: 

Institute of Physics
University of Silesia
ul. Uniwersytecka 4
40-007 Katowice

room: 10
phone: (+48) 32 359 1484
fax: (+48) 32 2588431

Research field(s): 

1. Liquid-glass transition in low-molecular weight glass-forming liquids and polymers.
2. Heterogeneous dynamics of supercooled liquids
2. Electrical conduction mechanism in ionic liquids
3. Physical stability of amorphous drugs
4. Relaxation and thermodynamic properties under high pressure conditions of complex liquids:
supercooled liquids, polymer melts, liquid crystals and bio-fluids.
5. Tautomerization and mutarotation kinetics
6. Critical phenomena and phase transition in critical solutions of limited miscibility.
7. The experimental techniques of special interest:
• broadband dielectric spectroscopy,
• mechanical spectroscopy,
• dynamic light scattering.
• thermaly modulated DSC