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Friedrich Kremer

University Leipzig
Prof Dr
Contact details: 

University Leipzig
Institute for Experimental Physics I
Linnéstr. 5, 04103 Leipzig, Germany
Tel: (+49) 341 97-32550
Fax: (+49) 341 97-32599

Research field(s): 

Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy (BDS) and its Application
Nano- and micro-fluidics using optical tweezers with fast single particle tracking
Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy

Research interests: 

Molecular dynamics in thin films of polymers with different macromolecular architec-tures
Novel developments in the preparation of thin polymer films
Dielectric properties of ionic liquids
Rheo-FTIR on spider silk
Direct Force Measurements on DNA in Solid-State Nanopores
Nanobubbles in Nanopores
Forces of interaction between two colloids in media of varying ionic strength
The flow resistance of single DNA – grafted colloids as measured by optical tweezers
Forces of interaction between DNA – grafted colloids as measured by optical twee-zers
Kinetics of TmHU binding to DNA as observed by optical tweezers
Study of the receptor / ligand - interactions by the use of optical tweezers