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Tutorials at the 6th IDMRCS

The 6th international meeting on Relaxations in Complex Systems (IDMRCS) was hold in Rome from August 30th - September 5th, 2009
Novel Applications of Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy

(Tutorial organised by Yuri Feldman and Ranko Richert)

The benefit and hazards of the 21st Century are intimately connected to the mesoscale behavior of multi-bodied, molecular systems. Included in such a definition are both non organic, organic molecules and especially biological systems. Conversely it is the less fashionable methodologies that hold the most promise for the accurate analysis and detection of these systems. Of them the most important is Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy.

The main purpose of the tutorial is to discuss the current issues as well as the applications of Dielectric Spectroscopy in many disciplines. Scientists utilizing Dielectric Spectroscopy in condensed matter physics, colloid chemistry, glass science and engineering, polymer science, rheology, and biophysics will have the opportunity to discuss the critical issues in Soft condensed matter Physics, Nanotechnology, new materials; life sciences, medical physics;. Participants will confront each other in a congenial manner with their often divergent views and opinions. This synergy will enhance the knowledge of dielectric phenomena in complex systems.

Other important goals of the tutorial are to identify new areas for exploration and to identify the corresponding .But maybe the most important goal is to provide a platform where theoreticians and experimentalists can become acquainted with each other's work. The tutorial presentations will also be focused on how the instrumentation can be adapted to several major industrial fields.

The program

1. "The dielectric properties of ion conducting materials", F. Kremer (45 min)
2. ""Dielectric Data analysis, models, theories including the ac conductivity", Ranko Richert and Paul Ben Ishai (40 min)

Coffee break

3. "Polymers, and nano-composites", M. Wuebbenhorst, (45 min)
4. “Dielectric relaxation in confinement”, A.Seregei (30 min)
5. The short experimental Tutorial under supervision of Federico Bordi


6. Non-linear effects, R. Richert (45 min)
7. Biological systems, imaging techniques, V. Raicu (45 min)

Coffee break

8. "Conductive materials, electrolytes, electrode polarization, incl. high fields",
B. Rolling (45 min)
9. High K- nano smart materials” P. Ben Ishai (30 min)

The chair of the tutorial will be Yuri Feldman. He will run the tutorial and will guide the, hopefully, heated discussion!