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Tutorials at the 6th BDS/IDS Conference

The 6th International Dielectric Society (BDS) was hold in Madrid from September 7-10th, 2010.
Physics of Dielectrics; Basic Principles and Applications

(Organized by Friedrich Kremer, Yuri Feldman and Ranko Richert)

The benefit and hazards of the 21st Century are intimately connected to the mesoscale behavior of multi-bodied, molecular systems. Included in such a definition are both non organic, organic molecules and especially biological systems. Conversely it is the less fashionable methodologies that hold the most promise for the accurate analysis and detection of these systems. Of them the most important is Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy (BDS). Numbers of applications in different areas bring quite a lot of scientists using the BDS technique, who not always have a special education in physics of dielectrics and basis of dielectric measurements.

The main purpose of the tutorial is to review the basic principles of dielectric permittivity and polarization both in static and time dependent fields. Another goal is to show the advantages and limitations of BDS in studying the complex systems in linear and non linear fields. We consider also that it will be very important to demonstrate the interrelation of Dielectric Spectroscopy with other complementary methods.

Apart from these regular presentations on the topics of theory and experiment of dielectric relaxation and related phenomena, we wish to schedule three short contributions from the participants. The idea is to have three 15 minute presentations of three participants outlining his or her current problem of a dielectric nature (theoretical or experimental), to be solved by the experts attending the tutorial. Anyone interested in this interactive component of the tutorial should email a paragraph to the organizers (email:..., deadline: ...), outlining the problem he/she is suggesting to cover. If we receive more than three requests, the organizers will select three topics based on relevance of the particular problem to the audience
9:30 am Welcome
9:45 am “The problems of electric polarization: dielectrics in static field". Yuri Feldman (45 min. including discussion)
10:30 “The physical mechanisms in the spectral range of Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy; Dielectric relaxation and charge transport, collective modes and polarization at interfaces" Friedrich Kremer (45 min. including discussion)
11:15 Coffee break (30 min)
11:45 "Dielectric Data analysis, phenomenological models, theories including ac conductivity and electrode polarization evaluation", Paul Ben Ishai (45 min. including discussion)
12:30 Questions and answers (general discussion)
13:00 Lunch (1:30)
14:30 "Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy and its relation to other spectroscopic techniques (Neutron Scattering, NMR, mechanical, AC, calorimetry, etc)", Andreas Schoenhals (45 min. including discussion)
15:15 “Non-liner effects in Physics of Dielectrics”, Ranko Richert (45 min. including discussion)
16: 00 Coffee break (30 min)
16:30 "Dielectric Bazaar" (1:30) will be run by Friedrich Kremer
About 6 minute presentations of about 5 PhD students outlining her or his current problem of dielectric nature (theoretical or experimental), to be discussed by the experts attending the tutorial.