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GRC "Dielectric Phenomena" 1986

28 Jul 1986 to 1 Aug 1986
Holderness School Plymouth, New Hampshire
James Anderson, Ford Motor Company
John Pochan, S. C. Johnson

Monday, July 28

AM Session Chairperson: W. J. Sarjeant, University of Buffalo

“Monte Carlo Simulation of the Glass-to-Liquid Transition”,

L. Monnerie, ESPCI, France

“Physical Origin of Weibull’s Statistics in Breakdown”,

L. Dissado, King’s College, London

“Nonlinear Dielectric Effects”,

R. Fulton, Florida State University

PM Poster Session Chairperson: John Pochan, S. C. Johnson

Tuesday, July 29

AM Session Chairperson: Frank Karasz, University of Massachusetts

“Polarizabilities of Polymer Chains and Crystals”,

R. H. Boyd, University of Utah

“Comparison of Relaxation data on Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Glasses”,

S. Matsuoka, AT&T Bell Laboratories

“Dielectric Studies of Polymer Blends”,

W. J. MacKnight, University of Massachusetts

PM Session Chairperson: J. G. Powles, University of Kent, United Kingdom

“Fractal Dimension of Dielectric Breakdown Patterns”,

L. Pietronero, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

“Fractal Time-Analysis of Glassy Relaxation”,

J. Bendler, General Electric Company

Wednesday, July 30

AM Session Chairperson: Robert H. Cole, Brown University

“Time-Domain Dielectric Spectroscopy”,

B. Gestbloom, Uppsala University, Sweden

“New Experimental Methods for Dielectric Spectroscopy”,

R. Hayakawa, University of Tokyo, Japan

“Dynamic Dielectric Analysis of Reacting Systems”,

D. Kranbuehl, College of William and Mary

PM Session Chairperson: Eric. O. Forster

“Approach to Mechanisms of Water Treeing”,

M. T. Shaw, University of Connecticut

“Recent Experiments on Water Treeing in Dielectrics”,

J. Densley, National Research Council of Canada

Thursday, July 31

AM Session Chairperson: G. Williams, University College of Wales

“Hierarchies and Constraints in Glassy Relaxation”,

R. G. Palmer, Duke University

“A Coupling Model for Kohlrausch Relaxation in Dielectrics”,

R. W. Rendell, Naval Research Laboratory

“Dielectric Friction: Theory and Applications”,

D. Kivelson, University of California at Los Angeles

PM Session Chairperson: J. D. Hoffman, Michigan Molecular Institute

“Dielectric Properties of Water in Biological and Other Suspensions”,

K. R. Foster and C. Grosse, University of Pennsylvania

Friday, August 1

AM Session Chairperson: D. W. McCall, AT&T Bell Laboratories

“Holographic Measurements of Diffusion in Bulk Polymers”,

H. Sillescu, University Jakob-Welder-Weg

“Mechanical Versus Dielectric Relaxation in Ionic and Molecular Liquids”,

C. A. Angell, Purdue University

“Small Angle Neutron Scattering Measurements of Diffusion in Bulk Polymers”,

B. Crist, Northwestern University

  1. J. Anderson
  2. J. Pochan
  3. K. O'Connor
  4. G. Smith
  5. E. Frank
  6. E. Tolle
  7. R. Wootton
  8. R.T. Cole
  9. P. Winsor
  10. J. Tribone
  11. H. Starkweather
  12. J. Densley
  13. P. McKenny
  14. D. Buerger
  15. M. Buttram
  16. L. Wempe
  17. M. Di Capua
  18. D. Mulvey
  19. M. Baron
  20. J. Sjoblom
  21. F. Karasz
  22. G. Ostapchenko
  23. M. Clark
  24. T. Finerman
  25. S. Bamji
  26. R. Santiago
  27. J. Reynolds
  28. H. Marand
  29. F. Mopsil
  30. E. Johnson
  31. G. Anderson
  32. J. Graybeal
  33. S. Mumby
  34. R.H. Cole
  35. A. Gerschel
  36. L. Mandelcorn
  37. J. Lewis
  38. S. Yen
  39. P. Kamarchik
  40. R. Lim
  41. R. Somoano
  42. M. Thompson
  43. K. Foster
  44. J. Berberian
  45. S. Mashimo
  46. C. Fenimore
  47. J. Sarjeant
  48. N. Sheppard
  49. B. Gestblom
  50. D. Stein
  51. J. Powles
  52. R. Hayakawa
  53. T. Grochulski
  54. C. Grosse
  55. D. Kivelson
  56. M. Shaw
  57. D. Kranbuchl
  58. M. Shlesinger
  59. G. Williams
  60. J. Bendler
  61. R. Fulton
  62. J. Meisenhelder
  63. R. Palmer
  64. C. Angell
  65. S. Matsuoka
  66. R. Rendell
  67. R. Boyd
  68. H. Sillesch
  69. W. Mac Knight
  70. L. Dissado
  71. L. Monnerie
  72. E. Forster
  73. A. Bennett
  74. L. Pietronero