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GRC "Dielectric Phenomena" 1982

2 Aug 1982 to 6 Aug 1982
Holderness School Plymouth, New Hampshire
William MacKnight, Uinversity of Massachusetts
Shiro Matsuoka, Bell Telephone Laboratories

Monday, August 2

Session Chairperson: J. M Deutch, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Molecular Theory of Dielectric Relaxation in Simple and Not-So-Simple Liquids”,

D. Kivelson, University of California at Los Angeles

“The Onsager Model for the Static Permittivity: Reconsideration of the Treatment and Some Tests of Applicability”,

C. Brot, University of Nice

“A Simple General Model for Dielectric Loss in Solids”,

T. J. Lewis, University College of Wales

Breakdown in Solids
Session Chairperson: J. J. O’Dwyer, State University of New York, Oswego

“The Long-Term Deterioration and Breakdown of Polymers”,

R. J. Densley, National Research Council of Canada

“Breakdown in Solids”,

P. Budenstein, University of Manchester

Tuesday, August 3

The Processes of Failure in Ambient Media
Session Chairperson: J. K. Nelson, Rensselear Polytechnic Institute

“Measurements of Electrical Breakdown in Liquids”,

R. E. Hebner, National Bureau of Standards

“Breakdown Strength of Gaseous Dielectrics”,

L. G. Christophorou, Oak Ridge National Laboratories

“The Electrode Surface as the Key to Vacuum Breakdown”,

G. A. Farrall, General Electric Corporate Research and Development

Session Chairperson: J. Berberian, Saint Joseph’s University

“Precision Time Domain in Measurements for Audio Frequency and Below”,

F. Mopsik, National Bureau of Standards

“Permittivity Measurements from 500 kHz to 5 GHz by Bridge Sampling Methods”,

R. H. Cole, Brown University

Wednesday, August 4

Polymers I
Session Chairperson: F. E. Karasz, University of Massachusetts

“Dielectric Properties of Olefin/SO2 Copolymers in Solution”,

W. H. Stockmayer, Dartmouth College

“Aliphatic Polyesters - Model Systems for Dielectric Relaxation in Crystalline Polymers”,

R. H. Boyd, University of Utah

“Dielectric and Electro-optic Relaxations in Polymer Solutions”,

Y. Wada, University of Tokyo

Polymers II
Session Chairperson: D. W. McCall, Bell Telephone Laboratories

“Polymer Liquid Crystals”,

G. Williams, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth

“The Effect of Internal Field on the Optical and Dielectric Properties of Solid Polymers”,

R. S. Stein, University of Massachusetts, and D. Hong, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Thursday, August 5

Related Techniques
Session Chairperson: J. Pochan, Eastman Kodak

“Light Scattering Near the Glass Transition”,

G. Patterson, Bell Telephone Laboratories

“Recent Attempts to Understand and Use Dielectric Dispersion Data on Liquids in the Frequency Range 1-3000 GHz”,

G. Chantry, National Physical Laboratories, United Kingdom

“Towards a Molecular Chronophysics with New Results of Dipolar Absorption Studies in Liquids”,

A. Gerschel, University of Paris Sud

Poster Session
Session Chairperson: J. E. Anderson, Ford Motor Company

Friday, August 6

Biological Applications of Dielectric Relaxation
Session Chairperson: J. D. Hoffman, National Bureau of Standards

“Dielectric Behavior of Polyelectrolytes”,

W. Vaughan, University of Wisconsin

“Non-Linear Dielectric Phenomena in Biological Polymers and Membranes”,

S. Takashima, University of Pennsylvania

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