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GRC "Dielectric Phenomena" 1980

28 Jul 1980 to 1 Aug 1980
Holderness School Plymouth, New Hampshire
George Chantry, National Physical Laboratory, United Kingdom
William MacKnight, University of Massachusetts

Monday, July 28

Basic Theory of Dielectric Relaxation
Session Chairperson: W. Steele, Pennsylvania State University

“The Physical Origin of the ‘Universal Response Law’”,

R. Hill and L. Dissado, Chelsea College (University of London)

Discussion – Contributions, G. Williams, University College of Wales; R.H. Cole, Brown University; A. Jonscher, Chelsea Collge (University of London)

“Basic Theory – The Computer Simulation Approach”,

W. Steele, Pennsylvania State University

“Computer Simulation of Relaxation in the Spherical Molecule CCl4-xMex ”,

A. Bellemans, University of Brussels

“Molecular Dynamics calculation of the Dielectric Properties of a One Dimensional Fluid without Boundary Conditions”,

B. Quentrec, Laboratory de Physique Matiere Condensee, France

Fundamentals of Dielectric Breakdown
Session Chairperson: J. Nelson, General Electric R & D Center

“A Model for Conduction and Thermal Breakdown in Amorphous Dielectrics”,

J. Calderwood, University of Salford, United Kingdom

“Dielectric Breakdown in Organic Liquids”,

E. Forster, Exxon Research and Engineering Company

“Space Charge Enhanced Emission into Dielectric Solids”,

J. O’Dwyer, SUNY at Oswego

“Dielectric ‘Memory’ and Dielectric Breakdown”,

A. Jonscher, Chelsea College (University of London)

Tuesday, July 29

Dielectric Studies of Polymers
Session Chairperson: J. Hoffman, National Bureau of Standards

“A Survey of Dielectric Loss Mechanisms in Polymers”,

W. MacKnight, University of Massachusetts

“Effect of Thermo-Mechanical History on the Dielectric Properties of Polymers”,

S. Matsuoka, Bell Telephone Laboratories

“Polarizational and Molecular Hysteresis in Polyvinylidene Fluoride”,

M. Broadhurst, National Bureau of Standards

Rotational Brownian Motion in Dielectric Relaxation
Session Chairperson: W. Vaughan, University of Wisconsin

“Rotational Brownian Motion and Dielectric Experiments”,

J. McConnell, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies

“Rotational Brownian Motion and Dielectric Friction”,

R. Fulton, Florida State University

“Collective and Individual Molecular Motions as Studied by Zero-THz Spectroscopy”,

M. Evans, University College of Wales

“The Rotational Brownian Motion of a Rigid Body and Its Application to the Theory of Dielectric Relaxation”,

A. Morita, Akita University, Japan

Wednesday, July 30

Breakdown and Conduction in Solids
Session Chairperson: F. Karasz, University of Massachusetts

“Electric Strength and Endurance; Reflections Regarding Their Determination, Significance and Use in Equipment Design”,

A. Kelen, ASEA Central R & D Department, Sweden

“Conduction and Breakdown in Solids”,

Y. Inuishi, Osaka University, Japan

“Breakdown in Polymers”,

P. Rohl, Siemens AG, R & D Center, West Germany

“Electric Conduction in Spacecraft Dielectrics During Electron Bombardment”,

P. Robinson, Hughes Research Laboratories

“Surface Flashover Mechanism Along Solid Insulators in Vacuum and Gas”,

J. Thompson, University of South Carolina

Dielectrics at Low Temperatures
Session Chairperson: R. H. Cole, Brown University

“Low Temperature Dielectric Studies on Polymers”,

J. le G. Gilchrist, C.R.T.B.T., C.N.R.S., France

“Dielectric Relaxation in Ionic Crystals at Cryogenic Temperatures”,

J. Fontanella, U.S. Naval Academy

“Dielectric Relaxation of CuCl at Low Temperatures”,

I. Lefkowitz, U.S. Army Research Center

Thursday, July 31

Interfacial Effects and Biological Studies
Session Chairperson: M. Baron, University of Nuniz, Argentina

“Interfacial Phenomena in a Dielectric Two-Layer System”,

A. Savini, University di Pavia, Italy

“The Electrical Behavior of Interfaces with Special Reference to Synthetic and Biological Polymer”,

T. Lewis, University College of North Wales, United Kingdom

“The Dielectric Aspects of Counter-Ion Flow in DNA Solutions”,

W. Vaughan, University of Wisconsin

“MM- Wave Absorption of Bio-Materials and Bio-Systems”,

L. Genzel, Max-Planck Institute fur Festkorperforchung, West Germany

“Dielectric Studies of the Polymer Melanin in the Brain”,

I. Falkehag, Westraco Research Center

“Electrical Relaxation Studies of Membrane Systems”,

J. Anderson, Ford Motor Company

“Metal/Semiconductor, Insulator Junction”,

M. Shaw, University of Connecticut

Breakdown in Liquids
Session Chairperson: A. Guenther, Air Force Weapons Laboratories

“Mechanism of Motion of Excess Electrons Injected into Simple Liquids”,

G. Ascarelli, Purdue University

“The Propagation of Positive Discharges in Liquids”,

W. Chadband, University of Salford, United Kingdom

“Propagation of Pre-Breakdown Streamers in Liquids”,

J. Devins, S. Rzod and R. Schwabe, General Electric Company

“Pre-Breakdown Phenomena in Point-Plane Gaps in Liquids”,

P. Watson, Xerox Corporation

Friday, August 1

Interactions: The Relation of Dielectrics to Other Physico-Chemical Techniques
Session Chairperson: G. Williams, University College of Wales

“A Theoretical Treatment of Time-Dependent Electric Birefringence”,

H. Watanabe, University of Tokyo

“Dielectric Models of the Optical Photo-Emission and Transport Properties of Solvated Species”,

G. Duke, Xerox Webster Research Center

“Determination of Liquid Phase Molecular Interactions Using Infrared, Raman and Microwave Spectroscopy”,

J. Yarwood, University of Durham, England

“Effect of an Electric Field on the Transfer of Heat Between a Heated Wire and a Doped Insulated Liquid. Application to the Study of the Metal/Dielectric Interface”,

R. Coelho, C.N.R.S., France

“Kerr Electro-Optic Measurements Using Parallel Plate and Co-Axial Cylindrical Electrodes Under Pulse, DC and Sinusoidal AC High Voltages”,

M. Zahn, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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  3. G. Fitzpatrick
  4. G. Williams
  5. M. Wintersgill
  6. J. Yarwood
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  10. G. Johnson
  11. D. Damon
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  42. T. Copeland
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