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GRC "Dielectric Phenomena" 1976

26 Jul 1976 to 30 Jul 1976
Proctor Academy Andover, New Hampshire
W. E. Vaughan, University of Michigan
John M. Deutch, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Monday, July 26

Dielectric Loss and Intermolecular Forces in Fluids
Session Chairperson: George Birnbaum, North American Aviation Science Center

“Extended Langevin Theory and Far IR/Microwave Absorption in Molecules”,

M. Evans, The University College of Wales

“Experiments on the Induced Absorption Spectra in the Far IR and Molecular Motion in Fluids”,

U. Buontempo, Universita di Roma

“Far IR Spectroscopy of Intermolecular Forces”,

G. Birnbaum, North American Aviation Science Center

Session Chairperson: J. M. Deutch, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Theory of Dielectric Relaxation in Polar Media”,

R. L. Fulton, Florida State University

“Models of Molecular Motion in Fluids”,

Bruce J. Berne, Columbia University

“Role of Environment on Molecular Electric Properties”,

J. L. Rivail, University of Nancy

Tuesday, July 27

Conducting Dielectrics
Session Chairperson: J. D. Hoffman, National Bureau of Standards

“Conduction and Relaxation in Liquids”,

M. Mandel, University of Leiden

“Relaxation in Electrolytes”,

R. H. Cole, Brown University

Instrumentation and Measurement
Session Chairperson: M. Broadhurst, National Bureau of Standards

“Time Domain Studies of Conductive Aqueous Solutions”,

K. Giese, Universitat of Gottingen

“Intercomparison and Measurement of Dielectric Properties at High Frequencies”,

G. Chantry, National Physical Laboratory

Wednesday, July 28

Effects of High Fields on Dielectric Relaxation
Session Chairperson: J. L. Rivail, University of Nancy

“High Field Chemical Relaxation”,

R. Hopmann, Universitat of Basel

“Nonlinear Dielectric Measurements in Conducting Media”,

G. P. Jones, University of North Wales College

“Dielectric and Electro-optical Studies of Low Frequency Motions in Liquids”,

Graham Williams, The University College of Wales

“Static and Dynamic Behaviour of a Molecular Mixture, in the One Phase Precritical Region”,

J. Goulon, University of Nancy

Thursday, July 29

Relaxation in Glasses and Solids
Session Chairperson: G. Johari, Environment Canada

“Thermally Stimulated Depolarization of Electrets”,

J. van Turnhout, Centraal Laboratorium TNO

“A New Model of Dielectric Polarization in Solids”,

A. K. Jonscher, University of London

Dielectric Phenomena
Session Chairperson: R. H. Cole, Brown University

“Dielectrics - My Second Love”,

J. H. Van Vleck, Harvard University

Friday, July 30

Computer Simulation of Dielectric Properties
Session Chairperson: D. E. Kranbuehl, College of William and Mary

“Computer Simulations of Dielectric Properties”,

William P. Streett, U.S. Military Academy

“Monte Carlo Studies of Polar Fluids”,

J. P. Valleau, University of Toronto

  1. H. L. Strauss
  2. D. D. Klug
  3. John I. Lauritzen, Jr.
  4. Esteban Martina
  5. Gyan Johari
  6. Jan Bares
  7. David Oxtoby
  8. Frederick Mopsik
  9. John Pochan
  10. Graham Williams
  11. G. E. Johnson
  12. Robert Molinari
  13. John Deutch
  14. David Hall
  15. J. H. Van Vleck
  16. C. R. Raschke
  17. John G. Berberian
  18. Tom Keyes
  19. David W. McCall
  20. G. Parry Jones
  21. Martin Mastroianni
  22. D. Sullivan
  23. T. G. Castner
  24. D. E. Kranbuehl
  25. R. Finsy
  26. Ronald Van Loon
  27. Janet Anderson
  28. M. Mandel
  29. Joseph Hubbard
  30. R. J. Cook
  31. A. K. Jonscher
  32. Jean-Louis Rivail
  33. J. van der Elsken
  34. Jose Goulon
  35. A. de Bretteville
  36. Herb Sutter
  37. G. W. Chantry
  38. Gianni Ascarelli
  39. Lars Onsager
  40. Donald J. Denney
  41. R. Zwanzig
  42. R. L. Fulton
  43. R. H. Cole
  44. R. Hopmann
  45. J. Van Turnhout
  46. E. N. DiCarlo
  47. Worth E. Vaughan
  48. M. W. Evans
  49. U. Buontempo
  50. Akio Morita
  51. A. Friedmann