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GRC "Dielectric Phenomena" 1974

29 Jul 1974 to 2 Aug 1974
Proctor Academy, Andover, New Hampshire
George Birnbaum, North American Aviation Science Center
W. E. Vaughan, University of Michigan

Monday, July 29

Dielectric Relaxation in Polymers
AM Session Chairperson: John D. Hoffman, National Bureau of Standards

“Rotation of Perpendicular Dipoles in Polymer Molecules”,

R. W. Zwanzig, University of Maryland

“High Frequency Dielectric Properties of Polymers”,

G. W. Chantry, National Physical Laboratory, England

Relaxation Studies in the Far Infrared
PM Session Chairperson: J. Chamberlin National Physical Laboratory, England

“Microwave/Far Infrared Dielectric Measurements on Liquids and Liquid Crystals”,

A. H. Price, University College of Wales

“Active Intramolecular Processes in Dielectric Relaxation”,

J. L. Rivail & J. Goulon, University of Nancy

Tuesday, July 30

Equilibrium Properties
AM Session Chairperson: J. M. Deutch, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Equilibrium Properties of Polar Fluids”,

G. Stell, State University of New York

“Collision Induced Dielectric and Optical Properties of Gases and Liquids”,

W. M. Gelbart, University of California at Berkeley

Time Domain Dielectric Measurements
PM Session Chairperson: A. Suggert, Unilever Research Laboratory, England

“Real Time Analysis of Time Domain Reflectometry”,

R. H. Cole, Brown University

“Fourier Transform Techniques in Dielectric Measurements”,

G. E. Johnson, Bell Telephone Laboratories

Wednesday, July 31

Piezoelectric and Pyroelectric Polymers
AM Session Chairperson: B. Gross, University of San Paulo, Brazil

“Dynamic Piezoelectric Response in Polymers”,

Y. Wada, University of Tokyo

“Piezoelectricity and Pyroelectricity in Polymers”,

M. G. Broadhurst, National Bureau of Standards

Rotational Structure in Simple Liquids
PM Session Chairperson: J. van der Elsken. University of Amsterdam

“Theory of HX Absorption in Simple Nondipolar Fluids”,

S. H. Glarum, Bell Telephone Laboratories

“Hydracid Rotational Structure in Simple Liquids”,

L. Galatry, University of Besancon, France

Thursday, August 1

Dielectric Relaxation in Liquids
AM Session Chairperson: R. L. Fulton

“Analysis of Conflicting Theories of Dielectric Relaxation”,

V. Titulaer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Dielectric Relaxation of Polar Rodlike Molecules in Polar Solvents”,

W. Vaughn, University of Wisconsin

Gases and Liquids
PM Session Chairperson: F. Mopsik, National Bureau of Standards

“Molecular Dynamics Studies of Rotational Motion in Gases and Liquids”,

B. J. Berne, Columbia University

“Debye Relaxation in Gases and Liquids”,

A. A. Maryott, National Bureau of Standards

Friday, August 2

Piezoelectric and Pyroelectric Polymers
AM Session Chairperson: G. R. Pfister, Xerox Research Laboratories

“Dielectric Relaxation and Thermally Stimulated Dipolarization in Amorphous Systems”,

G. Williams, University of Wales

“Piezoelectric and Pyroelectric Phenomena in Polyvinylidene Fluoride”,

R. G. Kepler, Sandia Laboratories

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