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GRC "Dielectric Phenomena" 1970

27 Jul 1970 to 31 Jul 1970
Proctor Academy, Andover, New Hampshire
Charles P. Smyth (Honorary Chairperson), Princeton University; Graham Williams, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth
David W. McCall, Bell Telephone Laboratories

Monday, July 27

Session Chairperson: John D. Hoffman, National Bureau of Standards, Washington, D.C.

“Theory of Dielectric Relaxation in Polar Liquids”,

R. Zwanzig, University of Maryland

“Model Calculations of Cooperative Motions in Chain Molecules”,

J. E. Anderson, Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, MI

“N.M.R. Relaxations in Polymers”,

W. P. Slichter, Bell Telephone Laboratories

“Dielectric Behavior of Polymers at Submillimeter Wavelengths”,

G. W. Chantry, National Physical Laboratory, United Kingdom

Tuesday, July 28

Session Chairperson: (to be announced)

“Total Dipolar Absorption of Simple Molecules in the Microwave-Far Infrared Region”,

C. Brot, C.N.R.S., France

“Absorptions in Non-polar Liquids”,

M. M. Davies, University of Wales, Aberystwyth

“Dielectric and N.M.R correlation Times of Symmetric Top Gases and Mixtures”,

A. A. Maryott, National Bureau of Standards, Washington, D.C.

“A New Line Shape for Resonant and Non-resonant Absorption, and its Application to Dielectric Phenomena”,

G. Birnbaum, North American Aviation Science Center

Wednesday, July 29

Session Chairperson: J. L. Onclay, University of Michigan

“Dielectric Relaxation and Mechanism in Biology – A Survey”,

H. P. Schwan, University of Pennsylvania

“Dielectric Dispersion in Aqueous Solutions of Globular Proteins, with particular reference to Myoglobin, Haemoglobin and Serum Albumen”,

E. H. Grant, Queen Elizabeth College, University of London, United Kingdom

“Dielectric Dispersion and Electro-optical Relaxation Studies of DNA and Polynucleotides”,

C. T. O’Konski, University of California, Berkeley

“Dielectric Properties of Ordered Solutions of Biopolymers”,

S. Takashima, University of Pennsylvania

Thursday, July 30

Session Chairperson: R. M. Fuoss, Yale University

“Liquid Structure and Dielectric Polarization of Alcohols”,

W. Dannhauser, University of New York, at Buffalo

“The Dielectric Properties of Ice”,

E. Whalley, National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa

“Prototonic Semiconductors”,

Lars Onsagar, Yale University

Friday, July 31

Session Chairperson: D. W. McCall, Bell Telephone Laboratories

“The Significance of Developments in Instrumentation in Dielectrics Research”,

W. Reddish, Imperial Chemical Industries, Ltd., Welwyn, United Kingdom

“Dielectric Absorption and Defects in Long Chain Solids”,

H. K. Welsh, National Standards Laboratory, Sydney

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