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IDS goals

The main goals of the International Dielectric Society are:

  • to provide a forum for the exchange of theory, information and techniques in the field of Dielectrics, Dielectric Spectroscopy and Applications
  • to stimulate and guide research in the basic theory of Dielectrics and its Application
  • to promote the use and support of Dielectric Research and Application

The main goals are to be achieved via the following objectives:

  • To organize periodical international conferences and workshops that will be focused on:
    • Dielectric properties of different materials
    • The applicability of Dielectric instrumentation to major industrial fields
      including biomedical applications, semiconductor industry, progressive technologies for production of novel advanced materials, etc.
  • To encourage reasearch for the following purposes:
    • To identify new subjects and the corresponding experiments that will guide the search for the physical foundations
    • To provide a correlation between the work of theoreticians and experimentalists
  • Education:
    • To create special educational and research programs for young scientists who decide to commit themselves to the field of Dielectrics and related phenomena
    • To disseminate the knowledge and application of Dielectrics
    • To create a special web site with links related to the data and information available from different scientific centres, companies and government organizations active in the filed of Dielectric and related Phenomena
  • Funding:
    • To provide travel grant and financial support for young scientist and researchers in need of assistance for participation in the IDS meetings
    • To act as an effective link between industry and applied science