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Ivan Popov

Debye prize-winner: 

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Department of Applied Physics, Israel; Kazan Federal University, Institute of Physics, Russia

Research Interests

  • The dielectric relaxation of the bulk water and ice. The development of the dielectric relaxation theory for dilute aqueous solutions and for the interfacial and confined water. The study of water dynamic in hydrated proteins.
  • Generalization of developed approaches to different fractal (self- similar) and porous systems.
  • Development of the dielectric models for weakly conducting materials. Theoretical study of the electrode polarizations phenomenon.

"Dr. Ivan Popov derived a relationship between the complex dielectric permittivity and the mean square displacement of the defects in the H-bond network, the migration of which drives the dielectric relaxation in both ice and water. He could quantitatively explain the dynamic crossover in Ice Ih and the excess wing in the dielectric spectra of bulk water and found a relationship between the static dielectric permittivity and the correlation length characterizing the water molecules."