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3rd BDS/IDS Conference - Delft 2004

Monday, August 23, 2004 to Thursday, August 26, 2004
Delft, Netherlands (Delft University of Technology)

The 3rd BDS/IDS Conference took place in the main lecture hall of the Delft Chemical Technology Institute DelftChemTech, which is located close to the town center.
Delft is well known for its history as well as for its University of Technology. Van Leeuwenhoek, who invented the optical microscope and the famous 17th painter Vermeer both lived and worked in Delft. The old Delft Blue pottery Royal Delft is situated close to the conference building. The historical and very lively center of Delft with its museums, medieval churches and its quaint streets and canals are attractions to foreign and even local visitors.

Chairman: Michael W├╝bbenhorst
Focus sessions:

  • Dynamics of polymers and simple liquids
  • Dynamics of blends and (binary) mixtures
  • Johari-Goldstein ╬▓-relaxation
  • Dynamics of nano-confined systems
  • Molecular motions in disordered systems
  • Functional polymers and devices
  • Real-time dielectric spectroscopy, monitoring of structure eveolution
  • Liquid crystals and ferroelectric materials
  • Conduction phenomena and spectroscopy
  • Molecular dynamics in aqueous systems and polymers
  • Theory and simulation of dielectric response
  • Dielectric relaxatins in complex systems and biological materials

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